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Bosphorus Bridge and Istanbul Skyline From Çamlıca Hill

In many poems and works of literature, Istanbul is known for its seven hills. Çamlica is the tallest of the seven with an altitude of 288 meters (945 ft.)

This weekend I went to Çamlica hill and took several sunset photography. Çamlıca  is among the places travellers must see because it provides view of the whole Bosphorus.

Menekse Beach

Menekse Beach - II

Menekse Beach - I

The Valens Aqueduct

The Valens Aqueduct - I

The Valens Aqueduct - II

The Valens Aqueduct - III

The Valens Aqueduct - IV

Sunset in Istanbul

Istanbul Sunset I

Here is the BW version is this photo.

Istanbul Sunset II

Istanbul Sunset III

Long exposure at dock

The Dock

The Dock at Sunset


Two Dudes

Historical Peninsula Silhouette


Two Dudes I


Two Dudes in BW



Maiden’s Tower

A few shot from Maiden’s Tower or Tour de Leandros or Kız Kulesi (this is how it’s called in Turkish.) sits on a small islet located in the Bosphorus strait off the coast of Üsküdar in Istanbul, Turkey.

Maiden's Tower I

Maiden's Tower II

A closer look at the tower and the clouds.

Maiden's Tower III

You can see Topkapi Palace below (Maiden’s Tower IV), next to Hagia Sophia.

Maiden's Tower IV

The second brighter object in the last picture is Galata Tower.

Maiden's Tower V


Here are some photos from  the Haydarpaşa Lighthouse taken at different times;

This one were taken at bright sun ligt with bw nd110 (1000x)  neutral density filter;

Lighthouse at bright sun light


This one was taken at sunset;

Lighthouse at sunset


And here is the last one just different composition;

Lighthouse III